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Childhood Amnesia: Here's Why Your Child Can't Remember Being a Baby

Have you ever wondered why your child won't remember taking his first steps or celebrating his second birthday? If you try to recall your own experiences of being a preschooler, you can probably only conjure up hazy images. The reason for this is a phenomenon known as childhood or infantile amnesia—the natural and gradual loss of memories from the first few years of life.                                                                 Disney's animation Inside Out shows childhood amnesia in action when Bing Bong, Riley's previously much-loved imaginary friend, ends up being forgotten in the memory dump of...

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11 Hilarious Stories That Prove Kids Are Out to Embarrass Their Parents

                Kids say the silliest things — and while mostly harmless, sometimes those things can lead to some very embarrassing situations. Recently, one redditor posed the question, "Parents on Reddit, what was the most embarrassing moment for you caused by your children?" And unsurprisingly, the site totally delivered with some hilarious answers. Here are just a few of the funniest stories of kids being jerks, and for more, check out the rest of the thread right here.  1. "My daughter's daycare had circle time every morning as a way to startthe day. Anyway we were late and walked into the middle of circle time. My daughter said, 'We're late because my mommy had diarrhea.'" —jaimmster          ...

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6 Big Fat Tips to Raise an Optimist.

  Wondering how to raise an optimistic child? After all, kids who see the glass as half full are better at dealing with life’s challenges—and happier too. Here's six tips to help yours develop a sunny outlook on life. By Victoria Gardner                                        There are many reasons to encourage optimism in our children, including long-lasting positive affects on their mental and physical well-being. (Did you know optimists are much more likely to live past 100?) But how do you go about raising an optimist? Put these six tips into practice, for starters, and watch the positive benefits extend to the rest of your household. 1....

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What parents of toddlers need to know in 2020.

Don't Panic Over the Potty. While you might be ready for your little one to be done with diapers, she might not be there yet. Don't worry, says Dr. Ari Brown of Austin, author of Toddler 411. In fact, potty-training isn't considered delayed until a child is four years old! "Your child will be ready when they're ready."

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Creating a level playing field. Recently I've added the donation initiative to our online store here at Ladlassies, as you probably know by now, £1.50 off of every order will be donated to the Pledgeling Foundation who will then distribute the donations to our selected non-profit organisations. I decided to do this because I have a two year old daughter running around the house (running!). When looking at her and imagining her future I can't help but think of all the news stories I hear and read about gender inequality. It's mad to think that in 2020, people are still put at a disadvantage because of their gender, outrageous! At-risk girls can not be allowed to slip through the cracks...

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